You have found yourself trapped in a strange dungeon.  You hear a voice booming as you look around: ENTERTAIN ME, YOU PLEBEIAN!  HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE THE HORDES OF MY DUNGEON!?

Roam around the dungeon, using your wits, points, and keys to survive as long as possible.


  • WASD to move
  • Shift to buy an item from a pedestal or to open a door (requires a key)
  • ESC to pause

This is considered finished.  I am looking for any constructive feedback as well as hearing about your highscores!

Almost all art except the mouse icon are CC-0(public domain) assets takes from or OpenGameArt.  Music is also CC-0 taken from OpenGameArt.

NOTE:  Tested to work in Google Chrome and Firefox!  Edge doesn't allow WASD

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