100% free.  This was coded with a partner for MSU's MI 231 Game Development course.  The scope of the project was to choose a retro game and recreate it from scratch in the code through Unity.

I coded everything except the enemies which I ended up cleaning up and fixing code for them as well.

It only has one level and the boss was never quite finished.  It's not perfect but I think we did a pretty nice job for a 4 week project.


WASD/Arrow Keys for Mega Man movement

K/L or Z/X for fire and jump/slide

Enter for menu

Hope everyone enjoys!  Credit to Capcom for the original game.  Shout outs to sprites-inc for the original MM GB rips(i colored them is all).  OST from KHInsider with some edits from me.  All sounds ripped by me from the original game.  Credit to Jack for the base enemy code.

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