You are Worker 31.  Your job is to help maintain the sewer systems for the city.  On this particular Friday, you happened to have a little accident.  You were swept away into a current in the water flow system.

When you wake up, you hear water splashing behind you.  You look around and see a flashing PC just up in front of you.  Can you make it back alive?


WASD movement.  K to activate PCs.   L to jump.

This was created as an original game for a final for a university game design class.  If you enjoyed it at all and would like to throw me a bone, I do accept donations.

Credit to:

Adam Saltsman for the original artwork(I modified some) -

Ansimuz for the title screen dude -

All music was created by me in Fl Studio.

All sound effects created by BFXR.


TIPS:  If you get stuck on the puzzle, here is one solution step-by-step.  I found about 20 ways to solve the puzzle overall, but this is straightforward:   

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